Why the Language of the Law Matters – Blaze Responsibly – Shedding Light on How Policy and People Affect Cannabis Markets

Meet Chirali Patel, an attorney and the founder of Blaze Responsibly. Chirali’s relationship with cannabis is personal. She’s witnessed first hand the relief cannabis can bring to ailing family members. Chirali’s is blazing a hot, unique trail in the cannabis community. She’s applied for a cannabis business license in the state of New Jersey. She serves as an attorney and advocate for those interested in navigating the cannabis licensing process. She founded Blaze Responsibly to educate others on the cannabis laws, rights, and industry news. She’s dedicated to empowering the South Asian community in cannabis and hemp to create a bridge for personal and professional opportunities.

In this episode, you will learn why the language of the law matters, how cannabis regulations affect cannabis business, opportunities for citizens and businesses to partake in the policy making process and how we can all create a more equitable industry.

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