The Dopest Hostesses with the Mostesses – Savor & Smoke – The Speakeasy of Cannabis

Meet Jasmine and Sara the founders of Savor and Smoke. Two Michigan women brought together by Instagram inspired to create the very space they were craving for themselves. Savor and Smoke sesh’s are aimed at bringing the cannabis community and fresh cannabis brands together. Savor and Smoke hit the Michigan scene with a bang! Starting 2020 off with a one-of-kind cannabis sesh. The perfect party for stoners; good music, yummy snack food, CBD-infused drinks, a variety of cannabis vendors, and absolutely no judgement. The next sesh is Feb 29, and this time it’s a sweat and sesh combining cannabis, yoga, and meditation.

In this conversation you’ll learn more about the two women behind Savor and Smoke, the origins of Savor and Smoke, and what to expect in the future from Savor and Smoke.

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