Organic, Regenerative Farming in Mendocino County – Chiah Rodriques – Arcanna Flowers Love Grown Flower in CA Dispensaries

Meet Chiah Rodriques, a second generation cultivator in Mendocino County. Chiah’s family still lives on a back-to-the-land community where both her and her husband grew up, and both of their fathers have cultivated for decades. Chiah is helping to keep small batch, organic, intentionally grown cannabis a thriving part of the California grower community. She founded Mendocino Generations; an alliance of legal, permitted farms in Mendocino County working together to grow, breed and create organic and biodynamic herbal medicines. Her and her husband also started; Arcanna Flowers proprietary licensed flower breed and grown by Chiah and her husband’s at their farm; River Txai Farms. In this episode, you’ll learn about the origins and journey of Mendocino Generations since Prop 64, the history and community of Mendocino County, and the love and intention that goes into Arcanna Flower. Chiah is also in a documentary on women cannabis farmers in Mendocino County – Lady Buds.

Please note: I had issues editing the audio file for this episode so this version is the unedited livestream of my YouTube interview with Chiah. I figured it was better to get the episode out there without an introduction and minor sound quality issues. Thank you for understanding!

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