IP and Trademark Law in Cannabis – Aura IP Law – Protecting Your Cannabis Business

For all my cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs this is the episode for you! Meet Sheila Gibson Founder of Aura IP Law. She started her career in Intellectual Property (IP) at a nationally recognized IP boutique and practiced at several top-tier law firms over her first 16 years as an attorney. She has worked with clients in many different industries, such as biotech, medical device, agriculture, food packaging, pharmaceutical, green technology, mechanical, sports innovation, beverages, and more. In this episode, Sheila educates us on how IP and trademark law in the cannabis industry, things to consider when pursuing a patent or trademark, and how she anticipates this type of law evolving with cannabis legalization. This will help you figure out if and how you want to protect your brand or business. A topic I believe will only become more relevant as more people and businesses enter the industry.

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