Cancer Survivor and Winner of Survivor – Ethan Zohn – Invests in a Hemp Farm and Starts a New Foundation

Meet Ethan Zohn former “Survivor” winner and contestant on “Survivor: Winners at War”. Since his first “Survivor” win, Ethan has battled and beat cancer twice, and became a world-renowned motivational speaker, author and humanitarian. Post-diagnosis, chemotherapy drugs weakened his body for months. He was open to the idea of using cannabis to help mitigate some of the harsh side effects associated with cancer treatments. He consulted with a doctor who believed in the medicinal properties of cannabis and started on a daily CBD (plus a bit of THC) regimen that worked best for him. Nearly immediately, he felt stable, calm and anxious free.

Ethan talks about his experience going from competitive athlete to cancer survivor, discovering CBD, a new foundation he’s started, and a 116 acre hemp farm MONTKUSH in Vermont he’s recently invested in that will featured in a TV show Kings of Kush.

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